Speed School

*update: warm-up starts at 2:50 so we can start lifting by 3. Thursday 12/2 plan to meet on the track for speed school. Bring layers incase needed!

Speed School starts tomorrow @ 6:30am. Meet in the main gym. Please sign-up for announcements through Reminder101. See image below. Weights will be Monday-Thursday from 3-4:30. Thursday after school we will have Speed School as well. If the weather is 40 or higher plan to possible be outside.


If you are not out for a winter sport it is Highly recommended that you participate in our winter conditioning program. Track and Field Athletes will start after Thanksgiving break.

Monday: 6:30am speed school and 3-4 weights/conditioning

Tuesday: 3-4 weights/conditioning

Wednesday: Recovery Day (i.e. yoga)

Thursday: 3-5 speed school and weights

Friday: Off

Please fill out the google sheet if you plan to attend any of the above days. This will give us an idea of numbers the first day. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dK9mX9Xn0zQ4zLx90hW35wWQvzEAgOhGcfNre0Zg7ps/edit?usp=sharing

If you come out please make sure you stay committed to the all weights, speed school or both depending on your schedule. If you are doing school weights you will come on days you are not lifting during the day and speed school.

Questions see Coach Fossoh in room 309


Athletes: We will have a pre-season meeting after school Tuesday, November 9th to go over winter conditioning.

Meet in Cafeteria @ 2:50. Will be 10-15 min.

Winter Conditioning will start Monday after Thanksgiving.

Summer Speed Work

Coach Thompson is meeting with Athletes Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm this summer to work on speed work. Meet on the SME Track and Field and make sure you bring plenty of water!

Coach Fossoh will be meeting with athletes on Tuesday or Thursday at 5pm each week to work on Throws.

Remember there is all-sport boys and girls weights/conditioning this summer as well in the morning each week.

2021 STATE

Congrats to all the Athletes that attended STATE yesterday.   Our Girls finished 5th in the STATE and our Boys finished 12th.  Congrats! Thank you to the amazing Seniors that have given so much to our program , a lot of tears were shed yesterday.  We are grateful we got this season with you and you all will be missed greatly! Those coming back next year, you have a year to set your new GOALS! 

Results: https://www.heartlandtiming.com/results/2021/6a%20results.pdf 

The top 8 places earned medals and scored points for our team.  We did have one STATE Champion! Congrats to GRACE MEYER on winning the 800m!  

We had 6 athletes earn 2 or more medals! We had 16 Events that earned a medal yesterday! 

 Jack Muller 8th Javelin

Trace Huston 3rd Shot Put

Wyatt Haughton 3rd 3200m, 4th 4×800, 6th 1600m and 8th 800m

Tess Roman 2nd High Jump, 4th Triple Jump and 6th Long Jump

Grace Strognman 2nd 4×800 10th 4×400 and 7th 800m

Grace Meyer 2nd 4×800, 4th 1600m, 10th 4×400 and STATE CHAMPION 800m

Kate Kowalik 2nd 4×800

Scarlett Pearlman 2nd 4x800Mia Roman 10th 4×400

Kelsey Christensen 7th 100H and 5th 300H and 10th 4×400

Price Terrill 5th 400m , 9th 800m, 4th 4×800, and 10th 4×400 

Luke Searles 4th 4×800

Tyler Debey 4th 4×800 9th 300H, and 10th 4×400 

CJ Leonard 10th Triple JumpLuke Kounkel 12th Pole Vault

Ike Sheets 10th 4×400 and 10th 400m

Hale Hicks 12th 4×100 and 10th 4×400

Ryan Ward 12th 4×100

Andres Driver 12th 4×100

Will Roberts 12th 4×100

Caden Peters 12th 1600m

Sarah Bingham 10th Javelin

Macie Stump 14th Shot Put

Ella Vito 9th Pole Vault 

Thank you to all the parents that supported us along this journey and hope to see all the freshman-juniors back next year.  Have a great summer!  

2021 Regionals

Our boys score 143 points to become Regional Champs! Our ladies scored 120 points to earn Runner-Up! We are taking 27 athletes to STATE! Congrats to all!

Results: https://ks.milesplit.com/meets/430758-6a-regional-shawnee-mission-south-3-2021/results/750631/raw#.YKkzupNKg0o

Sarah Bingham Javelin

Lauren Gahagan alt. 4×400 and 4×800

Tristian Chabanis alt 4×400

Kelsey Christensen 100H, 300H and 4×400

Wen Clough Long Jump

Tyler Debey 4×800, 300H and 4×400

Andres Driver 4×100

Wyatt Haughton 4×800, 1600, 800, 3200

Hale Hicks 4×100 and 4×400

Trace Huston Shot Put, Discus and Javelin

Luke Kounkel Pole Vault

Kate Kowalik 4×800

CJ Leonard Triple Jump

Grace Meyer 4×800, 1600, 800 and 4×400

Grace Strongman 4×800, 800 and 4×400

Jack Muller Javelin

Scarlett Pearlman 4×800

Caden Peters 4×800 and 1600

Tess Roman High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump

Mia Roman 4×400

Will Roberts 4×100

Ike Sheets 400 and 4×400

Price Terrill 4×800, 800, 400 and 4×400

Ryan Ward 4×100

Luke Searles alt. 4×800

Ella Vitt Pole Vault

Macie Stump Shot Put

1st Day of Practice

First Day of Practice is this Monday, 3/1. We will be meeting in the cafeteria @ 3pm for check-in and a quick meeting before heading outside.

Make sure you are masked, dressed in layers and have a water bottle! All district paperwork and physical needs to be completed before you can practice. Spread the word!

Lets put in the work this season and make some amazing memories!